Terms and conditions


Only escort services for dinners, shows and tourist or business trips require a fee. Any other interpretation would represent a serious violation of the private lives of an escort or escort girl and those of his/her clients. An escort or escort girl service is freely granted should an understanding be made between these individuals.
An escort or escort girl service (our agency’s area of business) should not be confused with a call girl service or any form of prostitution (with sexual connotation)
The agency therefore does not respond for services provided by hostesses with respect to and out of mutual consent with their clients.
Moreover, the escorts are not employees of the agency and all work independently. They do not represent the agency. The latter therefore refuses any responsibility as to the acts and gestures made by a young woman a client should choose as an escort.

As discretion is an essential rule in our line of business, our escorts are formally prohibited from giving clients their personal contact information, and we suggest that you do the same, out of the strictest respect for your respective private lives. Our escorts are bound by the strictest confidentiality concerning their clients.

If, for some reason, the escort should not meet your expectations upon her arrival, you are free to cancel the service, and will not be charged, although we recommend a compensation tip of 200 sfr, out consideration for the young lady’s time. The service fee agreed upon with agency is payable in full at the escort’s arrival. The agency accepts credit cards with prior notice, and in such case, a 5% charge will be added to the service fee. We also accept payment in Euro or USD, but would ask that you notify us in advance.

For reservations exceeding the night, a deposit of 50% of the total sum will be required at the time of the said reservation. In the case of accompaniment abroad, the service fee will be paid in full before the escorts’ departure from Geneva. The escort being your guest, the travel and accommodation costs will, of course, be borne by the client.

Inciting the escort in the consumption of illegal substances or too much alcohol is strictly forbidden. We would remind you that for time of her performance, the escort is fully under your care.

Should you encounter any problem, we are reachable 24 hours a day, and are ready to intervene without delay, doing all we can to find a quick solution to the aforesaid problem.

Filming or the taking of photographs of the escort is strictly forbidden.